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Create a Libguide

What is a LibGuide?

You're looking at one! A LibGuide is a webpage that you can create using a simple system with a minimal learning curve. It was designed by and for libraries, and is widely used at universities worldwide by librarians and faculty. The ATSU Memorial Library uses them to offer information about its resources and how to use or access them. We support faculty in creating and using them to support their teaching and research activities with more flexibility and speed than other available options.

Some Benefits:

  • Rapid & flexible updating - think of a change, make the change, see the change in a less than a minute
  • Allows you to easily use and reuse other creators' content
  • Options for creation:
    • You may do it entirely yourself within our system
    • You may work with us to make changes as you choose
    • You may ask us to make changes for you

How would you use a LibGuide?

You can use a LibGuide to communicate with your students or peers for any number of purposes. This resource is not limited to specific people or a specific timeframe unless you design them to be, so they can be used to share information with students who are not currently enrolled in a course, or with peers at another university, or with peers working on a project that requires rapid updating under your own control.

Some Potential Activities:

  • Class support
  • Club information
  • Shared workspace
  • Research projects
  • Department information
  • Lab information

How would your audience access your LibGuide?

Our Libguides installation has these features:

Security and Access Options

  • Private 
    • Anyone may access the page, but only by entering the URL or clicking a link
    • Not findable using Google
    • ATSU uses this setting by default
  • Password-protected
    • Only users with the password may access the page
    • The password is shared, and users would not need to be assigned to a particular class or even ATSU-affilliated so long as they have it
  • Proxied
    • This requires special consultation with the Library
    • Users must have a valid ATSU ID and must enter it to access the page

Navigation Options for LibGuides

1. Navigation: Do you want top or side navigation? 

Top Nav

Side Nav

libguide with top nav layout

libguide with side nav layout


2. Sub-Tabs: Do you want to include Box-level navigation or Drop Down menus?