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Grants & You Newsletter Summer 2016: Grantsmanship Training & Resources

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New Human Subjects Portal

The new NIH Human Subjects website provides regulatory guidance and links to human subjects protection information, and contains a number of tools and guides to help investigators and institutions meet federal and HHS/NIH standards for human subjects research protections. You can apply for certificates of confidentiality from NIH through this web site, as well. Visit to learn more.

Become a Peer Reviewer for the American Heart Association

  • Gain a substantial addition to curricula vitae that is noticed throughout the science community
  • Complete a key service that is considered to be an advantage for tenure track and other promotions within most institutions
  • Be exposed to relevant scientific breakthroughs happening daily in their specialties
  • Via Peer Review meetings, benefit from camaraderie that can be a springboard for networking to initiate collaborative projects
  • Advance interaction with other AHA council members

Sign up through Grants@Heart. Under “First Time Users Register Here,” select Peer Reviewer, fill out the form, and await confirmation.

Scientific Rigor and Transparency in NIH Grant Applications

Does the NIH Policy on Rigor and Transparency Apply to Renewals as Well as New Applications?

Yes.  The updated review language will apply to all competing applications submitted under applicable activities, regardless of whether the submission is a new application (an “-01”), a resubmission (an “A1”), or a renewal (a “Type 2”). 

What Criteria Will Be Used to Assess How I Address Scientific Rigor In My Application?

The guidance reviewers use to assess rigor and transparency is available on the NIH website: Reviewer Guidance on Rigor and Transparency. In addition to reviewing the applicant resources and the NIH application guide, we encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with the peer review criteria that will be used for their application.

NIH-Wide Strategic Plan 2016-2020 -- Turning Discovery Into Health

NIH Funding Opportunities & Notices

NIH Regional Seminars on Program Funding & Grants Administation