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Introduction to VisualDx

"VisualDx is a decision support and clinical reference tool focused on skin diseases. It allows health professionals to make dermatological differential diagnoses based on patient-specific findings, review medication-induced adverse effects, and search for diagnoses to determine the best management strategy at the point of care" (, 2015).

  • Authoritative, current, peer-reviewed 30,000 images
  • 1300 different diagnoses
  • Differential diagnosis detailed by patient-specific factors
  • Evidence-based clinical tool linked to the resources of UpToDate & PubMed
  • Ease of access through mobile app

From the Databases link on the library homepage, VisualDx is listed alphabetically. 

VisualDx mobile app access and installation details 

Homepage Features

Search by diagnosis

Searching by diagnosis provides: 

  • Synopsis
  • ICD Codes
  • Look for
  • Diagnostic pearls
  • Differential Diagnosis & Pitfalls
  • Best Tests
  • Management Pearls
  • Therapy 
  • References

Information for Patients: Printable handouts


  • All skin types
  • Skin of color

Links to evidence within:

  • UpToDate
  • PubMed

Build a differential

1. Enter primary complaint in the main search box: 

2. Choose additional findings and edit patient information: 

3. View images to determine diagnosis: