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Medical Safety Training Videos by MedCom

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If you wish to use these videos for formal instruction, please contact your liaison librarian. We can assist you in creating usernames and passwords for your students and establishing best practices for reporting and gathering certifications.

AZ Liaisons

Hal Bright profile Placeholder profile photo Placeholder profile photo

Hal Bright, MIRLS

University Library Director
Library Liaison to ASDOH
and CCPA

(t) 480.219.6036

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Electronic Resources

Liaison Librarian



CJ Garcia, MLIS

Liaison and Communications

Library Liaison to ASHS
(AT, PA)

Mari Murillo

Library Assistant



Missouri Library Liaisons

Maud Mundava profile photo Laura Lipke profile photo Anne Mongan profile photo

Maud Mundava, MLS, MBA

Campus Library Head / Assistant
University Library Director

(t) 660.626.2340

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Laura Lipke, MS, MLIS

Librarian Liaison to
KCOM and Nursing

(t) 660.626.2331

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Anne Morgan, MSIS

Technical Services

(t) 660.626.2635

Deb Loguda-Summers profile photo

Leisa Walter profile photo

Carlo Caroli profile photo

Debra Loguda-Summers

Public Services Manager
3D Print Shop Manager

(t) 660-626-2645

Leisa Walter

Interlibrary Loan

(t) 660.626.2030

Carlo Caroli

Circulation Desk

(t) 660.626.2345