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About the A.T. Still Memorial Library

This page offers information about the services and branches of the Library

Missouri Branch Contact Information

Missouri Library Hours

Regular Library Hours - COVID-19 Emergency Period

Physical Library CLOSED
Online Staff Available 8am - 5pm

Library Borrowing & Fees

COVID-19 Emergency Fines & Fees Policy: No fines will accrue or be due for items on loan when the library closed. When the physical library reopens, loan periods will restart after a week. Items will be due as if they had been checked out a week after we reopen.


ATSU Student Borrowing Period ATSU Faculty Borrowing Period Overdue Fines
Books 28 Days 28 Days $0.50 / Day
Reserve Books

4 Hours 

  • May go out after 11pm but are due back by 8am the following business day

4 Hours

  • See librarian for longer borrowing outside of term time
$0.50 / Hour
Media (VHS & DVD) 7 Days 7 Days $1.00 / Day
Bound Journal Volumes In-Library Only In-Library Only N/A
Anatomical Models In-Library Only See Librarian N/A
Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Tables 7 Days 7 Days $5.00 / Day
Video Projectors & Screens 7 Days 7 Days $5.00 / Day
Portable Whiteboards w/ Marker Kits 1 Day 1 Day $1.00 / Day
Whiteboard Marker Kits 4 Hours 4 Hours $0.50 / Hour
Easels & Easel Stands 7 Days 7 Days $5.00 / Day

4 Hours

  • May go out after 11pm but are due back by 8am the following business day
4 Hours $0.50 / Hour


Replacement Costs & Lost Fees

See Librarian.


Community Partner & Affiliate Access

All employees of Northeast Regional Health Center have full borrowing privileges for print books.

Borrowing privileges are available to Truman State University faculty, staff, and students. Community members may make special arrangements to use library materials.

Media & Presentation Equipment Borrowing

The Library offers a variety of media and presentation equipment for loan to students and staff, as well as for use within the Library

  ATSU Student Borrowing Period ATSU Faculty Borrowing Period Overdue Fines
Media (VHS & DVD) 7 Days 7 Days $1.00 / Day
Video Projectors & Screens 7 Days 7 Days $5.00 / Day
Portable Whiteboards w/ Marker Kits 1 Day 1 Day $1.00 / Day
Whiteboard Marker Kits 4 Hours 4 Hours $0.50 / Hour
Easels & Easel Stands 7 Days 7 Days $5.00 / Day

4 Hours

  • May go out after 11pm but are due back by 8am the following business day
4 Hours $0.50 / Hour

Facilities : The Library also has a Technology Study Room with a green wall that can be used for casual greenscreen filming via a webcam. The Technology Study Room is available to all ATSU students, faculty and staff.

Study Rooms, Spaces & Maps

The Library provides seven group and individual study rooms for use by students, as well as an assortment of tables, other individual study spaces, quiet spaces, study carrels, OMT practice tables, and other spaces.

Additional spaces are available throughout campus, with many nearby.


Map Space Key First Floor - Main Entrance Ground Floor
Library Staff  
Student Study Rooms  
Osteopathic Medicine Reading Room OM
3D Print Shop 3D
Armed Services  Room AS
Wellness Room W
Restroom Restroom icon


Map of the first floor of the library
Ground Floor layout of library

Technology Study Room

The MO Library Technology Study Room offers advanced PC and MAC computers, an assortment of accessibility and communications hardware, and a range of specialized software to support creativity, media creation, 3D design, communications, analytical, accessibility and productivity software for student and faculty use.

Visit the Circulation desk or contact  to reserve this room for 4 hours at a time.  

Priorities for use:

  1. Reservations
  2. Use of TSR resources
  3. Open use

If you want to reserve or use this room, please visit the MO Library Circulation Desk or contact it at If the room is not reserved, you can use it for up to 2 hours without a reservation. You can renew it for another 2 hours if no one is waiting.

Computer Lab Facilities

The Library provides a computer lab that may be used at will by students when not in use for a class. Computers offer the full suite of Office software and other standard academic software.

See the Library map above for the location of the computer lab.

Print Services

The Library has several black-and-white printers available and provides free printing for academic purposes to ATSU students and faculty.

The Library provides access to several copiers and scanners for academic use only.

3D Printing

The Missouri Branch Library is home to a MOJO 3-D printer capable of printing 5 inch models, an F170 capable of printing 10 inch models, and an Afinia H+1 capable of printing 10x8 models. For information on using the printer for school-related projects, contact Debra Loguda-Summers.

For more information on 3D printing at ATSU, please see the Library 3D Printing Guide.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Tables & Practice Spaces

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Tables & Practice Spaces Portable Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Tables for Loan
The Library has six Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) tables in two group study areas in the Library, which are available on a first-come-first-served basis for student practice and study.

Image of OMT table

The Library also has twenty portable OMT tables that may be borrowed by students or faculty. The normal borrowing limit is one week. Tables may be renewed for additional time if unneeded by others.

Note: Some of the Library's portable tables include face cradles; some do not. If a face cradle is needed, be sure to request it.

image of OMT tables waiting for borrowing

Anatomical Models & Skeletons

The Library has a large collection of anatomical models and skeletons which may be used for group or individual study and review inside of the Library. 

Models may not leave The Library except on special request by faculty.



image of foot models


image of models on shelf in library

Library Print Course Reserves

COVID-19 Emergency Reserve Policy:  If the Library has a course book that is only available in print, we will be able to access it and make copies of individual chapters once per week. If the book is available online, we will not make copies of it. Contact us at for assistance.


The Library has a print Reserve book collection of textbooks, available at the Circulation Desk. This collection does not include all required textbooks, but strives to include one of each that is not available online as much as is possible.

These books are available for a 4-hour block for use within the Library only. The checkout period may be extended on request if no other library users have requested the book.

Search for related textbooks on reserve by broad course subject using Course Reserves.

ATSU Library Distance Support

The Library offers both staff and online resources for distance support. 

AT Still Memorial Library Distance Support Guide

Library Distance Support Staff Hours & Contact

Note: Library facilities are open for longer hours, staffed by student workers

MO Library Staff

Monday - Friday - 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Telephone : 660-626-2345

Email :

AZ Library Staff 

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Telephone : 480-219-6090

Email :

MO Librarian Distance Contact

Response typically within 24 hours

Email :

AZ Librarian Distance Contact

Response typically within 24 hours

Email :

Truman State University Libraries

COVID-19 Emergency Policy: Pickler Library is closed to visitors at this time.


ATSU students, staff and faculty based in Kirksville, MO have borrowing privileges at Truman State University's Pickler Library.

Truman State University's Pickler Library is located within walking distance of the A.T. Still Memorial Library at 100 E. Normal St., Kirksville, MO. You must have your ATSU ID in order to borrow books.

You may also request books from Pickler Library to be delivered to A.T. Still Memorial Library for you to pick up at no charge using Interlibrary Loan. This will typically take from 1-3 business days.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

The Library provides free interlibrary loan and document delivery services to the students, staff, and faculty of A.T. Still University of the Health Sciences, most typically within 2-3 business days, dependent on the availability of resources.

Alumni may request five articles per month at no cost. Preceptors and clinical faculty may request ten articles per month at no cost. Additional articles will cost $10 per received article.

See the Interlibrary Loan Dept for more information.

Borrowing Novels, Academic Books, etc. from the Mobius Library Network

COVID-19 Emergency Policy: MOBIUS is unable to deliver print books at this time.

The ATSM Library, Missouri Campus is part of a network that provides access to more than 27 million print books from the collections of dozens of other academic and public libraries in Missouri. Students, staff and faculty physically based at the Kirksville campus may place a request for any of these books using the Library Catalog and pick it up for use at the Missouri Library's Circulation Desk at no charge.

  • Click on the word MOBIUS in the top right menu bar, below the word Avalon  
Mobius link
  • MOBIUS is the combined Library Catalog for all of the networked libraries. Search it for your desired book
  • After you find the book you want, click on the Request it button you will see on the right of the title
Image of mobius screen
  • Select MOBIUS - AVALON from the drop-down menu and click submit below it
dropdown for mobius avalon
  • Enter your name and your personal ID number - it will include 4-10 digits followed immediately by either KCOM (students) or ATSU (staff and faculty)
    • You can request this number from the Library Circulation Staff OR 
    • You can find it in your Campus Nexus Student Portal Profile in the My Information section, under Personal
    • Examples : 12345KCOM (student number) 7891ATSU (staff number)
      • Note : MOSDOH student numbers will use the KCOM student format
  • Select MOBIUS - AVALON as your Pickup Cluster
  • Select ATSU as your Pickup Location
  • Wait for notice from the Library - it will typically take between 2-4 business days
  • Go to the Library Circulation Desk to pick it up and ask when it is due
  • You MUST return these books within their due date - they do not belong to ATSU and are typically unavailable for renewal
  • You can also receive these books through a typical ILL request, if they are the nearest source