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Using the ATSM Library, Missouri

Welcome to the ATSM Library Campus

Welcome to the A.T. Still Memorial Library, Missouri Campus


This Guide will offer you information about how to use our online and physical resources. See the menu at left for information about specific services and resources, and look below for video tours of our online resources.

Access Library Resources Online

How to Login to Library Resources

There are two common ways to access ATSU's subscription journals and other content.

ATSU Portal
  1. Go to the ATSU portal at
  2. Login
  3. Search for the word "library"
  4. Click on the tile that says A.T. Still Memorial Library 
Library Website
  1. Go to the Library site at
  2. Start your research
  3. When you try to do something that requires a password, it will ask for one

Note: If you want to login immediately or override any local settings, click on the link that says Advanced Search. It will offer a login.