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Data Services

A Guide of Library Data Services

Librarian Role

Data Life Cycle Research Data Management Needs Librarian's Role
Plan Research Data Management Plan

Assist in writing data management plan (DMP)
Provide Guidance on Funder requirements on your DMP
Recommend tools and resources to creating the DMP
Offer Best Practices for a DMP

Collect Data Collection

Locate data sets to reanalyze for research
Suggest data repositories to search for data set
Qualtrics Support

Assure Data Quality Control 

Assist with naming conventions and data formatting
Create a data table to ensure quality
Advise on Versioning of files
Recommend proper file formats for preservation and sharing data
Prepare datasets for a wider audience with data clean up and removing PHI
Offer Best Practices for data collection

Describe Documentation and Metadata

Locate relative metadata standards for research project
Assist in creating metadata
Map terms to proper vocabulary or terminology
Consult on documentation to allow others to reuse or interpret results

Preserve Preservation plans for data Locate a data repository to preserve data
Upload Data sets to a repository
Provide guidance on funder or publisher's repository requirements
Assist in making data sets more discoverable in repository
Offer Best Practices for Storage and Back ups
Discover Sharing Data

Create a doi or persistent id for discoverability
Help measure citation impact
Recommend metadata standards for increased discoverability
Recommend repositories for sharing data
Assist in Funder requirements for sharing data
Ensure data meets FAIR data principles
Locate a data journal to submit dataset
Offer Best Practices on sharing data

Integrate Integrate multiple data sets Assist in Documentation to explain how multiple files fit together
Analyze Convert an observation from a derived data product

Assist in documentation or planning for data analyzation
Offer Guidance on reproducibility