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Educational Technology Development Center: ETDC offers a wide range of comprehensive technology tutorials. You'll need to authenticate with the school's URL "" and with your ATSU portal credentials to access the videos.

About the ETDC

The Educational Technology Development Center

The ETDC offers in-person and distance support for faculty in creating content, editing and recording lectures, and evaluating the best technological resources for faculty use. We work one-on-one with faculty to support their technological needs and improve student engagement. In essence, we are reference librarians for technology, helping to provide the best resources and to make their use as easy as possible. 

 ETDC services include:

  • Creating voice-over or recorded lectures
  • Integrating videos within an LMS (like Blackboard) to track student use
  • Assistance in the use of software applications to create educational content
  • Blackboard "how to" assistance
  • LibGuide creation and support
  • Student engagement solutions, including polling and social media (in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Center)

The ETDC is available through the libraries on both the Missouri and Arizona campuses. The Mesa center includes state-of-the-art Windows and recording equipment and a touch-screen monitor. These are available both for use in teaching you how to make effective digital content, and in supporting you in your production of more sophisticated, interactive content.

The ETDC Staff and the IT Department will continue to explore new technology and applications that can further strengthen our ability to provide quality educational online content.

To initiate a project, call or email Kirsty Gaither, ETDC Director, at 480-245-6259 or to set up a time for an initial consultation. On the Missouri campus, you may also contact Susan Swogger ( 626-2340.

Book the Recording Studio

Want to book the ETDC recording studio on the Mesa, AZ campus? Check the calendar availability here!

ETDC Recording Studio Schedule

Contact Info

Mesa, AZ

Kirsty Gaither


Kirskville, MO

Susan Swogger